Spotting A Bad Gym

While it would truly be a dream scenario in which every single gym we walk into would be the perfect gym of our dreams. However, as many of us gym rats know, a lot of gyms are currently operating today in ways that would put a scare in those who visit their gyms. What is going to be following here is a list of nine things to look out for to spot a bad gym, because they are around and they do exist.

#1: A Friendly Smile

When you walk through the front doors of a gym, the first employee you spot should welcome you with a smile, if they do not, then the rest of the experience from beginning to end could be foretold by that first unpleasant outing.

#2: Cleanliness

If everything in the gym from the floors to the lockers to the majority of equipment is dirtier than a pile of mud, than you should escape immediately because if the gym owner does not care enough to clean, then they clearly do not care about their patrons.

#3: Freezing Or Warm

The temperature of the gym can make all the difference in the fall, winter, spring and summer, so if you are uncomfortable with the temperature every time you hit the gym, then you may want to find another place to go.

#4: Bouncing Prices

If you routinely have to pay a wide variety of different prices, especially if they continue on going up with each passing year, then clearly the owner of the gym has one thing in mind, it is money and not the people who workout there.

#5: Crappy Equipment

Gym equipment is the most important reason to ever enter a gym, because that is the stuff you will be using on route to building the perfect body and if it is falling apart at the seams, than how are you going to build that perfect body?

#6: The Staff

We touched upon this briefly earlier in number one, but just for the sake of an add on, if the staff of the gym is scummier than the potentially dirty gym, then you need to turn around and exit the gym before speaking a single word.

#7: Membership Staff

This one is much like some stuff we discussed earlier, but a tad bit different because if the membership staff you talk to pushes a membership over your concerns, then they only care about one thing and that one thing is definitely not you.

#8: Personal Training

Not everybody who goes to the gym is in need of a personal trainer, but if you do need one and they are pushing their goals instead of helping you, find a new trainer right away.

#9: Policy Followers

Some gyms have policies about how long and how many reps other gym members can use the machines for, so you should find out if other members and the staff follow these policies, because many gyms should get return visits if the policy is followed.